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ZombiePride.org is a place for the zombies of the Midwest to come together and join forces for the largest zombie march in the area.
The Annual Quad City Zombie Pride Parade is the largest zombie collective in Iowa and hopefully in it's 4th year, the largest in the entire Midwest.

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Fellow zombies, all year we live in the shadows struggling to survive. There are some who want us dead. Some who do not believe we exist. All year that is, except for one... The day of The Zombie Pride Parade.

If you've been with us since the beginning or you're just now reaching out to our zombie collective, The Zombie Pride Parade is for you. Come flood the streets in a night of bloody fun and show the Quad Cities a little zombie pride!

Quad City Zombie Pride © 2012 All Rights Reserved

GATHERING PARTY @ Bucktown 225 East 2nd Street Davenport
Free to all ages! Come as early as 5pm to get your costume ready, enjoy music, brain food, and more! As always you can get "infected" by our make-up artists in the quarantine zone and get your bloody hands on ZP shirts and other cool gear. Then when the horde has collected, WE MARCH!

THE PARADE @ Downtown Davenport
The march begins around 7pm so get ready to walk or even crawl! Be sure to look "alive" as photographers will be snapping pictures and the general public viewing from a safe and possibly scared distance.

ZP AFTER-PARTY @The Redstone Room 129 North Main Street
Once our march is finished and assuming we don't get quarantined, it will be time to celebrate! Join us at the Redstone Room for a bloody good time! Back this year with another live performance we have Brains! Brains! Brains in the main hall! DJ Chronic Solutions, Matte THC, HiTek Chris Soppe will be spinning in the ballroom so you can "rave to the grave". Come dressed to kill as we will have a costume contest for SCARIEST ZOMBIE, BEST ZOMBIE HUNTER, and SEXIEST ZOMBIE!

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook!