The following took place between July 2009 through October 2009. It is a story of Zwatch and it's batlle to uncover and expose a conspiracy:

It all began with Zach. Zacharia Furio went missing in July. When his brother asked the police for help they said Zach was already a suspect in a confidential investigation and everything was under control.

So without help from the police he took it upon himself to find Zach, by creating Zwatch. Using the site, he posted new information regarding his brother's disappearance by sharing any clues he could find and begging for help from the citizens of the Quad Cities.

This is what he found...

At the time all we knew was that Zach was a healthy twenty-one year old kid from the Quad Cities. He kept to himself for the most part. Zach's brother remembers Zach mentioning working at or volunteering at the QC Department of Biological Sciences. Except when he looked into it, the QCDBS didn't exist.

Zach posted suspicious twitter posts previous to his disappearance regarding the Department. Thankfully many fellow zwatchers were helping with the search but we couldn't find a trace of the QC Department of Biological Sciences. It's as if it didn't exist.

Then a breakthrough, A home recording of Zach in a violently ill state was anonymously emailed to Zwatch. The footage was already obtained by the Department and by what we could tell, Zach was filed as "infected" and was to be "quarantined". We tried desperately to reach this inside source from the Department with no luck. Not only did someone from the Department have  sense of compassion but also someone from the Davenport Police Department because not much time later, we were sent search warrant files of Zach's car from the DPD. Upon examining these files we were shocked to learn that the DPD and the Department were working together in a Zvirus investigation....
After going through the files sent to us from our source at the Davenport Police Department we found that not only did the QC Department of Biological Sciences exist, but the DPD was denying their involvement. Then something about a Zvirus investigation. Clearlys something was not right.
"This video was sent to zwatch August 8th anonymously by a source who I believe is somehow involved in the QC Department of Biological Sciences. The video is Zach's home recording of himself in a violently sick state which was confiscated by local police and sent to the department. If you read the data at the end you can see the department declared him infected and issued a class c quarantine."
-Adrian Furio
"Myself and a fellow Zwatcher took action into our own hands after it became clear the police were not going to help. We went to the last place Zach was known to be staying but the Department had already quarantined it. They tore down the walls, cut up the mattresses, and took everything. Almost everything"
-Adrian Furio
So Zach's brother and another zwatcher broke into Zach's house searching for more clues only to find they weren't the only ones. There they  found files Zach had stolen and hid from the Department. In the files I found that an H1Z1 virus was silently spreading in the Quad Cities. The virus ate away at it's victim's flesh, drove them mad, and in some cases even death. The Department was hiding this from the general public so Zwatch posted the files for the QC to see until they released Zach.
The Quad Cities Dispatch Argus reported on zwatch.org in a front page article which has since been removed on the paper's website (my copy will be scanned shortly). They had the nerve to suspect our search was a scam. I'm not sure what they think we could possibly achieve through all this other than to find my brother. I would not be surprised to find that the Dispatch Argus is being pressed by either the police department or The QC Department of Biological Sciences. It's their way of keeping this H1Z1 virus hidden from the general public I suspect.

It was great to hear Zach had escaped the Department but we were still worried because he was out there on the streets infected with the H1Z1 virus and being hunted by the Department. Soon, our email were flooded with sightings of Zach in the QC and other infected roaming the streets.

Just as we planned, releasing the secret H1Z1 files upset them. The inside source from the Department emailed us again promising to tell me more about Zach ifwe shutdown zwatch, which we did, so that a meeting could be made. The meeting took an unexpected turn as Zach's brother was suspected of hiding Zach who apparently had escaped the clutches of the Department between the time the source contacted us and our meeting......

And then out of nowhere, ZACH WAS BACK! He was half alive, nearly bleeding to death at his brother's doorstep. It took him weeks to recover if you can say he's truly recovered. He wouldn't talk about what had happened. In fact, he didn't do much but sit in the dark throwing violent fits and vomiting blood.

It did help him to know that just like him, there were other infected in the Quad Cities coming forward to Zwatch everyday. He was not suffering through this alone......
Finally the mystery was solved. But we weren't sure where to go from there. Once Zach came to his senses he decided to use Zwatch as a means to gather all the infected of the Quad Cities and march through the streets to expose the truth. That day, the Zombie Pride Parade was born.